SEO boost

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is improving the understanding of your web page by search engines. The objective of SEO is to position a website ideally on the first page of search results on Google. Search engines use more than 200 factors to determine the ranking of websites. Some of the factors cannot be influenced (like the age of the domain name) but others can. The goal of our SEO experts is to improve the way your website is seen by search engines to your advantage. 

Analyses of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our analysis service gives you an in-depth overview of the current SEO level of every page on your site. As well as your ranking on 50 keywords of your choice. In addition, we will show you how 3 of your competitors are ranked with the same keywords. Throughout the process we monitor these keywords. This will give you a better understanding on where to focus with regards to content and where to invest.

Improve your SEO

DigiCami has developed tools to improve your ranking on Google. Our unique approach will automatically attract visitors and clicks. As a result, your site will be positioned on the first search page of your ranking over time.

Why choose DigiCami?

DigiCami offers affordable website and webshop design, search engine optimisation (SEO), marketing strategy and social media services.

We focus on helping small and medium sized organisations to grow their business.

No start-up fee

Website creation and design are included in the subscription. No upfront fee. No hidden costs.

Personal approach

Our customers are our partners. Together we create an added value for your business.

Affordable solutions

Different customers have different needs. All our different packages are tailored to your specific requirements.

High Quality Services

Quality is key. At DigiCami, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

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