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Secure Hosting

DigiCami uses a solid, simple, secure and always up-to-date platform to host your website

Hosting determines the availability of your website. Also if the hosting is not secure, your website can be hacked and/or taken offline. We partner with one of the largest hosting companies in France to ensure the security and availability of your website at all times.

Professional mailbox included

A professional mailbox (e.g. contact@your-domain.fr) is included in the offer

An e-mail address with your domain name sounds much more professional. It also helps you to separate between your private and professional emails

Optimised for mobile devices

All of our websites are fully optimised for mobile users (tablet and smartphone)

65% of all visits to the website come from mobile devices. If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, your visitors will leave. So you can potentially lose customers

Website design

The entire website design is included in the our offering. So you don't pay an additional creation fee

Digicami uses a subscription mode so the website design is included in our offering. 

Google Maps integration

Direct your customers directly to your location now by integrating Google Maps on your website

Integration with Google Maps will help your customers locate your business much more easily. Not only is your address visible on the website but also on the map. In addition on mobile devices, this integration can immediately start navigation to your location.

Professional Images & Videos

You don't have pictures representing your business ? Digicami has licenses with multiple image and video companies. And if needed, we'll send a professional photographer free of charge

Your website is the reflection of you, your business, your shop, your idea, your brand … So using professional photos will highlight this reflection. And this is included in the offer

Advanced SEO

Are you worried about your SEO? We will provide you with a detailed report to prove our value. And we'll monitor your website performance

Advanced SEO takes a lot of time, although it is not visible on the website itself. A good SEO will help Google and other search engines to analyse and index your content much faster and help you get a better ranking

Multilingual site

Do you have international customers or are you looking to expand to multiple countries ? We make your website multilingual

It is possible you attract customers from all over the world, even if you do not have an online shop. For example, maybe they will visit your business during their holidays? Then having a multilingual website will help these customers to explain what you do, what you offer …

Social network integration

Your facebook page on your site ? Integrate Instagram photos on a web page ? No problem for Digicami. And we'll train you how to use 3th party tools to easily manage your social networks

Two reasons: first, it will help Google and other search engines understand the link between your website and all your social networks and second, it will generate traffic from your website to your social networks and vice versa.

Google Play & Apple Store app

To complement your website, Digicami can create a Google Play and/or Apple Store application

Without a doubt, turning your website into an application offers you an additional method of communicating with your customers. In particular, all our applications include sending notifications to your users.

Personal approach

At DigiCami, you are more a partner than a customer. We want to understand and help growing your business

It’s what separates us from our competition. We’ll be at your side throughout the whole process. From the design phase until the execution of your marketing strategy. 


DigiCami constantly monitors your website and we will pro-actively reach out to you if changes need to be made

We proactively contact our client at least once a month to ask if anything needs to be changed: photos, content, … Of course, our clients can contact us 24/7 for help and advice

Why choose DigiCami?

DigiCami offers affordable website and webshop design, search engine optimisation (SEO), marketing strategy and social media services.

We focus on helping small and medium sized organisations to grow their business.

No start-up fee

Website creation and design are included in the subscription. No upfront fee. No hidden costs.

Personal approach

Our customers are our partners. Together we create an added value for your business.

Affordable solutions

Different customers have different needs. All our different packages are tailored to your specific requirements.

High Quality Services

Quality is key. At DigiCami, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

You want more information? Let’s drop us a message!